According to the Holy Bible, God breathed His own breath into life into man which makes human being different from other creatures (Gen 2:7), which enables to think, to reason, to create, and to long for eternity.

“Nephesh” is a Hebrew term referring to the living soul. Soul and flesh cannot be separated until death. Study through figurative forms and abstract art, Chris Tan observed individual’s inner responses to the ambient environments. Paradoxically, he sees thin layer of undertone as ‘soul’ of painting and textured impasto as the ‘flesh’. 

In this exhibition, running from 1-19 July, you are invited to view his artistic expressions that examines the paradoxical relationship between soul and flesh.

Chris Tan is an abstract expressionist who excels in use of dynamic distorted forms to express the relationship between soul and flesh. He earned his Master of Arts from University of Hertfordshire, UK. Being a lecturer and active participant in local art and design scenes, he took part in local group shows and received design awards, including the Adobe Achievement Awards and Hiii Brand Awards.